Based on the work by Design, Make, Teach, I was inspired to create a simple web app that would simplify the process of creating a marker drawing to an SVG for import into TinkerCad. This is my first crack at a solution.

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This app was tested by the educators that joined me for the Digital Harbor Foundation 3D for Educators workshop and named by Troy (an attendee in the workshop).

You must allow this website access to your webcam for this to work.

Created by: Shawn Grimes for the youth of Digital Harbor Foundation


  1. Capture:
    • Upload: Upload an image of your choosing from your computer. Or,
    • Webcam: Using a black marker, draw a design on a piece of white paper. Then hold up your design to your webcam and click "Take Snapshot" button.
  2. Click and drag in the "Crop" area to select the part of your image you want to convert
  3. Click the Convert to SVG button
  4. Your sketch will be converted to an SVG that you can then download and import into Tinkercad.
  5. Drop me a line and let me know what you created with DoodleFab!
    Twitter: @shawng or Email: < I'm going to get so much spam for sharing my email on a webpage :) >

Capture or Upload


Click and drag in the area below to select the part of your image you want to convert.
Try changing these options to see the effect it has on the final result.
Monocrhome Negate


Download the file and import it into TinkerCad.

Made with Doodle Fab